How to Write an Appreciation Letter to Sponsors

Updated March 23, 2017

An appreciation letter written to an organisation's sponsors is a kind gesture often used to express gratitude. Many organisations cannot operate without the generosity of sponsors. Showing appreciation to them through a letter is an act that should be completed by all organisations receiving sponsorship. When writing an appreciation letter, several components should be included, and an effective appreciation letter encourages sponsors to consider sponsoring again in the future.

Address the letter to the organisation. If a particular person from the organisation was the contact person for the sponsorship, include that person's name as well using "Mr." or "Mrs.," as well as any title the person holds.

State the reason for the letter. When writing a letter of appreciation, state that you are writing the letter to thank the organisation for its donation of sponsorship. Specifically state what the sponsorship was for as well.

Write the letter in an encouraging manner to create future opportunities between the sponsor and the recipient. This letter should be written in a warm, sincere way causing the sponsor to feel positively about the relationship.

Explain the benefits of the sponsorship. This appreciation letter should tell the sponsor how the sponsorship affected those being sponsored. Include details about how the sponsorship money was spent and how the recipients felt about it. If the sponsorship was for a youth organisation, tell the sponsor the benefits the children received because of the generosity given.

Offer the opportunity for future partnership. One objective of an appreciation letter is to encourage the sponsor to partner with your organisation again in the future. Many organisations sponsor the same leagues or groups each year. By sending an appreciation letter, the sponsor will likely consider sponsoring the group again.

Close with warm regards. Choose your wording carefully when closing the letter. Write "Warm Regards" or "With Much Appreciation" as a closing. Include the name of the organisation that you are with and your own name.

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