How to Cover Champagne Bottles With Foil

Updated May 22, 2018

While true champagne can only be made in the Champagne region of France, home wine makers can easily convert their homemade white wine into a sparkling wine that is reminiscent French offerings. With the basic addition of sugar and time, you can turn still wine into a sparkling beverage. After all the additional work, treat yourself to a special product by adding fancy foil covers to the wire cages that hold the champagne corks into the bottles. Whether your drinks are used as gifts or simply drunk during a family dinner, the addition of a foil cover says that this bottle holds something truly special.

Set a wine cage over the cork in a finished bottle of champagne or sparkling wine. Push down on the cage gently to make sure the circular top of the cage sits directly on top of the cork. Put the end of the cage tool into the loop at the bottom of the cage and twist it until the cage is secured over the cork and bottle.

Slip the foil capsule over the cork and cage. Place the foil on carefully to ensure the bottom of the foil doesn't fold or tear. Push the foil down until the top of the capsule sits on and touches the top of the cage and cork.

Hold the bottle near the bottom with your left hand. Grasp the foil with your right hand and gently squeeze, giving the foil a gentle turn or swirl to the left.

Smooth the foil down over the top and neck of the bottle, creating a smooth layer over the surface of the bottle top.

Things You'll Need

  • Finished sparkling wine
  • Wine cages
  • Wine cage tool
  • Wine foil capsules
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