Aeroplane cake decorating ideas

Aviation is a fascinating topic. For a party for someone interested in this field, try making an aeroplane cake. Whether it's for a little kid fascinated with aeroplanes, a retiring pilot or a teenager dreaming of joining the Air Force, an aeroplane cake is sure to please boys and girls of all ages.

Tiny planes

Use one or more mini toy aeroplanes as a cake topper. Or make edible cake toppers by using an aeroplane-shaped cookie cutter to cut planes out of fondant. You can also sculpt tiny planes out of fondant. With both options, arrange the planes so they're flying across the cake through clouds of icing. Another alternative is making aeroplane flags: print colour pictures of aeroplanes, attach them to toothpicks and place the flags in mounds of icing on the cake.

Plane pics

Most bakeries and almost all grocery store bakeries can put any photo you want to use on a cake. Find an eye-catching aeroplane or aviation-themed picture. The options are many: a fleet of aircraft, a pilot posing beside his plane, Wilbur and Orville Wright with the first aeroplane or an aeroplane in silhouette, up close or high in the sky. This option is more costly than decorating the cake yourself, but the impressive end product will be worth the price.

Shapely planes

Another way to wow the crowd is with a three-dimensional cake. Following a guide or using an aeroplane-shaped cake pan, even novice bakers can make cakes shaped like an aeroplane. You can try making a basic aeroplane cake or, if the party honoree is fond of a specific type of aeroplane, make a cake that looks like that model, such as a bomber, a jumbo jet or even Air Force One.

Plane talk

Perhaps the easiest way to make an aeroplane cake is to simply pipe on words related to aviation. Bake a sheet cake, layer cake or bundt cake, frost it as usual and then fill a piping bag and start writing. For a class of pilots, pipe on a educational terms such as altitude, contrail, drag and mean sea level. Or pick a theme: pipe on airports, aeroplane parts, cockpit instrument panels, kinds of planes, kinds of planes from a certain era or titles of songs about flying.

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