How can I retrieve my deleted mail from my email box?

Written by jim campbell | 13/05/2017

Deleted e-mail is stored in your Outlook or Windows Live Mail "Deleted Mail" folder. Each time you delete an e-mail in your inbox, the email does not get completely removed from your inbox. Instead, it is sent to a storage location on the email server and marked as deleted. You can use this storage area to restore deleted e-mail from your e-mail box.

Double-click the Outlook or Windows Live Mail icon on your desktop. Type your user name and password to access your e-mail inbox.

Click the "Deleted Items" section on the left panel. If you have any previously deleted e-mails, they are listed in the centre detail pane.

Click each e-mail you want restore. If you want to restore multiple e-mails at the same time, hold the "Ctrl" button and click each e-mail. Notice the email system highlights each of the messages you choose.

Right-click the email messages you selected and click "Recover Deleted Items." The deleted e-mails are transferred from the "Deleted" section to your inbox.

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