TaylorMade R9 Instructions

Updated April 17, 2017

TaylorMade started the trend of adjustable drivers with the R7 driver, allowing players to set weights in the head of the club to correct swing tendencies. With the totally adjustable R9 driver, players can move weights on the head of the club as well as change the flight control technology to optimise their golf shots. Learn how to make adjustments to the face, loft and lie angles of the club by following these instructions.

Turn the club over so the shaft is facing down to the ground and the head of the club is up. Find the bolt at the bottom of the club directly underneath the shaft.

Loosen the bolt with the TaylorMade wrench that comes with the club by inserting the wrench into the bolt and turning counterclockwise. The bolt will not come completely out of the socket.

Pull the head up off of the shaft. Note the red sleeve on the tip of the club shaft. The outside of the sleeve is marked in white with eight positions depending on the type of shot you want to hit.

Adjust the sleeve to the setting that you want. There are four main settings: L-Plus (L) for maximum draw, R-Plus (R) for control fade, Neutral Upright (NU) for a slight draw, and Neutral (N) for a slight fade. Four more settings represented by dots in-between the four main settings allow you to adjust the face angle from closed to open to make the club look the way you want at address of your tee shot. Turn the sleeve to line up the setting you want with the mark on the front of the shaft.

Place the head back on the club. Insert the wrench into the bolt and turn clockwise until you hear a loud click.

Unscrew and place the weights on the head of the R9 club to change the club head's centre of gravity with the TaylorMade wrench. The club comes with one heavy weight cartridge of 16 grams and two lighter weight cartridges of one gram that go into three places on the club head.

Place the heavy weight into the heel port on the club head, the one closest to the shaft, to promote a right to left shot for a right-handed golfer. Put the two lighter weights in the other slots.

Place the heavy weight into the toe port on the club head to promote a left to right shot for a right-handed player. The toe of the club is the part farthest away from the shaft like the toes on your foot are the farthest point out from your ankle and heel. Place the two lighter weights in the other slots.

Place the heavy weight into the back port on the club head, the one opposite of the club face or flat part that hits the ball, to promote a straight shot trajectory. When holding the grip of the club, the face of the club will be on the left side of the club head and the back port will be on the right underside for a right-handed golfer as you look down on the club. Put the two lighter weights in the other slots.

Things You'll Need

  • TaylorMade R9 driver
  • TaylorMade wrench
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