How to Modify a Yamaha Virago XV250

Updated July 20, 2017

The Yamaha Virago XV250 is one of the best-selling entry-level motorcycles on the market. Though the Virago name was left behind when Yamaha transitioned to the V-Star line in 2008, the vehicle itself has remained largely the same for the past two decades. Despite the Virago's popularity among new riders and cruiser enthusiasts alike, there are few aftermarket accessories available for the Virago. Nevertheless, there are still several ways to modify your Virago with the parts and accessories available.

Purchase a pair of new mirrors from or another vendor. Make sure to locate mirrors that are fitted for your motorcycle. The stock mirrors on the Virago XV250 are small and circular and offer limited visibility to the sides while riding. Consider purchasing convex elliptical or teardrop mirrors to replace the originals.

Remove the original mirrors by twisting the mirrors in a clockwise motion. Firmly grip the stem of the mirrors and not the mirror itself while twisting or you may damage the plastic hinge.

Insert the base of the new mirror into the slot on the handlebars and twist it in a counterclockwise motion. Continue twisting until the mirrors are correctly positioned and the tension is tight. Do not over tighten the mirrors or you may accidentally strip the screw hole.

Purchase a backrest and luggage rack that is specifically designed to fit the Virago XV250. The set should come with a separate backrest, luggage rack and all of the necessary hardware.

Install the backrest, following the included installation instructions carefully. Only use the necessary amount of torque when removing the bolts located below the driver's seat.

Install the luggage rack below the backrest and above the rear brake light. Follow the installation directions for the particular luggage rack you have purchased. Check for proper fitment by attempting to move the rack up and down after all the bolts have been tightened.

Select an alarm for your bike with a small central unit, such as a Scorpio or Gorilla 7017. The Virago XV250 has limited internal space and the area under the driver's seat is likely the only location where an alarm can be installed.

Remove the two bolts holding the driver's seat in place, lift the back of the seat and slide the seat backward until the seat detaches. The area next to the battery can be used to house the main alarm unit once the tool set is relocated.

Attach the main alarm unit using the included Velcro, straps or zip-ties. Connect the black lead to the negative terminal of the battery. Connect the red lead to the positive terminal of the battery. You do not need to turn the motorcycle on for the alarm to receive power.

Install any other alarm accessories that come with your alarm version, such as remote antennas, two-way pager receivers and tilt-sensors. Before reinstalling the driver's seat, check that all the features of your alarm are operating correctly first.

Re-install the driver's seat by sliding the front plastic piece forward into the appropriate slot under the frame. The rear of the seat will pop into place when you apply pressure with your hand. Tighten the seat bolts firmly so that they do not shake loose when operating the motorcycle.


The placement of the rear indicators may cause problems when attempting to mount saddlebags. Make sure you measure the bags before you purchase them to ensure proper fitment. The Virago Tech Forum is an excellent place to learn about other modifications available for your motorcycle. [See Resource 1]


The name Virago was discontinued after 2008 so you may have to search for "V-Star" when looking for accessories or manuals for your motorcycle. If adding a backrest to your motorcycle with the intention of carrying a second passenger, check your owner's manual to ensure that the total weight of you and your passenger does not exceed the maximum carry weight.

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