Instructions for a 10X20 Shelter Logic Tent

Updated April 17, 2017

The 10x20 Shelter Logic tent is the company's best selling canopy tent. This temporary tent structure is an inexpensive solution for seasonal storage, outdoor events or camping. Manufactured with a steel frame and wide base feet, the tent is sturdy and its waterproof canopy offers protection from the rain. The canopy is also treated against harmful UV rays and fungus, making it a practical canopy tent that you will enjoy for seasons to come.

Lay all of the pipe pieces on the ground and arrange the frame for the roof. Put a 3-way frame connector at each corner and in the middle of each 10-foot length. Place a 4-way connector in the centre of the frame, as well as midway on both 20-foot sides.

Construct the roof frame by sliding the pipe pieces and connectors together.

Assemble the frame legs, by sliding together the leg tubing and putting a base foot at the bottom of each leg. Insert the legs into the roof frame on one side, and repeat for the other side.

Tie one end of a piece of rope to each of the corner connector pieces and stake down the other end to anchor the frame. Hammer the stakes in at a 45-degree angle.

Lay the canopy cover over the frame with the grommets facing down. Line the grommets up with the cross rails on the frame. Start at the corners and insert a bungee cord into the grommet.

Wrap the cord around the pole, and secure the loop at the end of the cord over the plastic ball attached to the other end of the bungee cord. Repeat this process for all grommets.

Put the bungee cord with both a plastic ball and "S" hook on each roof corner. Wrap the cord around the leg pole and secure it by putting the "S" hook into the hole. Tighten the canopy by twisting each leg pole inward.


Keep the cover taut to extend the life of the canopy. Clean canopy with mild soap and water only.

Things You'll Need

  • Poles
  • 3-way and 4-way connectors
  • Hammer
  • Bungee cords
  • Canopy cover
  • Base feet
  • Tent stakes
  • Rope
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