Instructions for the Puma Watch PU000411003

Updated February 21, 2017

The Puma PU000411003 is also know as the Puma Race Chronograph watch. The Race Chronograph is listed under Puma's Motorsport watch category. The Puma Race Chronograph watch has two buttons and a rotating dial, or crown, on its right side. The crown can be pulled out to two different positions, which correlate to two different settings. The Race Chronograph can be used as a stopwatch, and it also displays the current date.

Pull the crown out to the first position.

Rotate the crown forward to change the date.

Pull the crown out to the second position.

Rotate the crown until the correct time appears on the watch, then push the crown back to its original position.

Press the A button to initiate the stopwatch feature. The A button is the button located toward the top on the right side of the watch.

Press the A button again to stop the stopwatch hand.

Press the B button to reset the stopwatch. The B button is the lower button on the right side of the Puma Race Chronograph.

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