How to Get a Sony Vaio Out of Hibernate Mode

Updated April 17, 2017

If you leave your Sony Vaio laptop unattended for an extended period of time and disconnected from the charger, your system will enter Hibernate mode. Hibernate mode is a power saving state that saves any open documents or programs on the hard disk instead of in temporary memory like Sleep mode does. If you are unfamiliar with this function, you may find it difficult to reactivate your computer once in Hibernate. You can wake your Sony Vaio laptop from Hibernate the same way as any other computer running Windows, in one of several ways -- depending on the particular model of laptop.

Open the display screen. Depending on your model of Sony Vaio laptop, you may have to depress an unlock lever before you lift the display.

Press the power button once. If your computer does not wake, continue to the next step.

Press any key on the keyboard two or three times. If your computer does not wake, continue to the next step.

Place your finger on the touchpad and move it in a circle.

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