Instructions for Beaded Ornament Covers

Updated February 21, 2017

Dress up an ordinary glass ball ornament with beads that sparkle for a relaxed holiday project. Tiny seed beads are available in a multitude of sizes, colours and finishes. An easy netting pattern will make a delicate cover for any old ornament laying around. Create a variety of decorated ornaments for your own tree or as a hostess gift for holiday parties. Netting on beaded ornaments can end either halfway down the bulb or continue to several inches below the bulb.

Thread a needle with about 1 foot of thread. Slide one blue size 11 bead on the needle and down the thread until about 2 inches from the end. Run the needle back through the bead again and pull tight to make a stop bead. Then thread on more beads in this pattern: one blue, five silver, one blue, five silver, ending with a blue, until you reach the length desired to cover the ornament. Thread on one more blue bead and bring your thread back through the last blue bead in the pattern. Pull the thread snug.

Going up towards the neck of the ornament, thread on beads in the same pattern (5 silver, 1 blue, 5 silver) bring the needle through the second blue bead from the bottom in the pattern and begin again with the silver beads. Continue skipping one blue bead and bringing the thread through the next until you reach the top. Thread on five silver beads and two blue beads and bring the needle back through the second to last blue bead that was just strung.

Thread on five silver, one blue, five silver beads and skip one blue bead on the previous strand and bring the needle through the next ,continuing in the same fashion as when you went upward. End with the extra blue bead and bring the needle through the second to last bead to make a point.

Continue beading in the netting pattern until the points of the net can go all the way around the neck of the ornament. Then, take the needle and add three to five beads and bring it through the point on the next diamond over. Add three to five more beads and go through the next point. Continue adding beads and bringing the needle through points of the netting until you have made a complete circle around the neck of the ornament. Knot the thread and snip the tail. You can also do the same for the bottom of the ornament to make a snug cover all the way around.


Actual bead numbers may differ from person to person depending on how tightly you keep the thread. Change the colours of the beads to suit the colour of the ornament. Increase or decrease the number of silver beads to make the netting larger or smaller.

Things You'll Need

  • Size 11 silver seed beads
  • Size 11 blue seed beads
  • Beading needle
  • Bead stringing thread
  • Glass ornament
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