How to write a birthday card message

Updated March 29, 2017

It can be difficult to find the right words when it comes to writing "happy birthday" inside a greeting card. What you choose to write will depend upon the recipient and your relationship to them. Writing a meaningful and sincere message does not have to be difficult. With a little thought it is simple to write a birthday message that will leave a lasting impression on your recipient.

Think about your relationship to the recipient and write your message accordingly. A birthday message that you write for your mother is likely to have a different tone and feel than the one you would send to your best friend or co-worker.

Match your personal message to the style of the card and personality of the recipient. If you have purchased a card that has a joke about growing older on the front, a deep and meaningful message is unlikely to match this. Consider the personality of the recipient before purchasing a joke card, if your co-worker has no sense of humour, it is best to stick to simple, plain or generic designs.

Jot down a few thoughts onto a piece of scrap paper first, rather than writing straight onto your card and risk making a mistake. If you plan to write a sentimental message, write down some ideas of what you would like to include, such as "Thank you for all your support over the past year. You have been a great friend and deserve to have a fantastic birthday."

Keep the message focused on the recipient rather than yourself, especially if you have not seen each other for some time. Your greeting card should be a chance to wish the recipient well, rather than informing the them about your new job or partner

Be creative with your message. Look up a fact from the recipient's year of birth and include it in your message, such as the number one song on his or her day of birth. Alternatively, record yourself wishing the recipient happy birthday and burn it onto a DVD. Enclose a copy inside your card and simply write "Play the DVD" for a greeting with a different angle.

Look through old birthday cards you have at home to gain inspiration. If you find a particular message you like, try to reword it to make it suit your recipient and your style of writing.

Ask a trusted friend or family member to proofread your message before placing the card in the envelope and giving it to your recipient.

Things You'll Need

  • Birthday card
  • Pen
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