What Complements Lavender Wall Color?

Updated November 21, 2016

At first glance, lavender can seem a difficult and intimidating colour to try to work with in terms of room decor. With a little experimentation -- and some thinking outside the box -- decorators will find that it is a versatile colour that can be paired with a number of different colours for some surprising results.


Lavender is a soft, feminine colour that goes well with the masculine tones of browns. Natural leather furniture works well in a room with soft lavender walls, and curtains or other accent pieces of the same shade blend masculine and feminine into a single room. This can make it ideal for a shared room such as a bedroom or bathroom.

Earth tones in carpets, pillows and linens further complement the soft shades of lavender, especially when the soft purple is the only non-earth tone in the room. Different shades of lavender can be added in the form of decorative accents like artwork, candles or even pottery to complete the feel.


Vibrant yellows brighten a room with soft lavender walls, while soft shades complement and tie the room together. Yellow doesn't have to be in the room in abundance in order to have the desired effect; in lavender bedrooms, use a yellow bedspread or curtains, and accent a lavender bathroom with yellow linens and rugs.

Yellow brings a sense of cheer into the room, and works with the soft lavender to harmonise without overpowering. Soft yellows can also be used in rooms where a more mild, soothing effect is desired. For daring home decorators, try texturing the lavender walls with soft yellows to create a layered effect.

Dark Purple

Complementing lavender with a shade of dark purple can capture an exotic feel. For a unique kitchen or dining room, consider this colour scheme with wine-themed decor. Dark wood furniture like butcher blocks or sideboards can be decorated with iron wine racks and crystal decanters, while the lavender in the room keeps a light and airy feel.

Dark and light colours complement each other well, especially when used together in different accent pieces. Dark purple and lavender candles can provide a splash of colour to tabletops, especially when they are the same lavender as the walls.


Green might seem an odd colour to pair with lavender, but as opposites on the colour wheel these complementary colours can be a dynamic combination for almost any room. Lavender and shades of pale green bring a springtime feel to any room; for a bedroom, add green floral throw pillows with matching curtains, and liven up the walls with a lavender and green floral border.

Green doesn't have to be in a botanical pattern to complement lavender. Solid green fabrics or stripes of green and off-white can also go with solid walls.

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