How to Convert Dimension to Number in Business Objects

Updated April 17, 2017

SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence is query, business reporting and analysis software. It provides the ability to drill, pivot, track changes, schedule and share business information online and on local networks. A string of characters in the Business Objects program represents the dimension object or STRING data type. Using dimension objects, users can present different views of business information in a report. A built-in function allows you to convert the dimension object to a number in the Business Objects program.

Click the "Start" button in Windows and select "SAP Business Objects" to open the Business Objects application.

Click the "Web Intelligence Rich Client" on the right-side pane of the window to open the Business Objects editor.

Click "View," then "Draft Mode" and select the report with the dimension object you want to convert to a number.

Click on the dimension object in the open report and type in "[Dimension Object Name] = NUMBER (7,0)" in the field to change the data type to numerical format.

Click "Document," then "Save" to convert the dimension object to a number in the Business Objects program.

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