How to find an ATM near me

Written by chris miksen | 13/05/2017
How to find an ATM near me
Locating an ATM doesn't need to be stressful. (Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

Look at your surroundings while you're driving and you'll probably notice a seemingly endless amount of ATMs. They all somehow seem to disappear when you actually need to use them. While bank cards have sophisticated technological features, they don't yet come with a button that pinpoints the nearest ATM. Fortunately, you can find local ATMs via your bank or an online locator tool.

Visit your local bank. If your local bank is close to your location, you will always find an ATM there. The ATM will either be located outside of the bank in a drive-through fashion, just outside of the doors or inside the bank.

Go to your bank's website. Almost all bank-owned websites offer an ATM locator tool. The bank may ask for your city, state, Postcode and county. A list of ATMs will appear on a map after you enter your information. ATMs that are not associated with your bank will not appear.

Call your bank. If your it doesn't have a website. They should have access to the location of various bank-owned ATMs around the area. As with looking for the location of ATMs online, the bank will not inform you of ATM locations that it does not own.

Use Visa's or MasterCard's online ATM locator service. Both services work the same as the online locator tool on most bank websites. After you enter in your location, a list of Visa or MasterCard ATMs will pop up on a map.

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