Kensington Combination Lock Instructions

Updated April 17, 2017

Kensington computer locks prevent thieves from stealing your laptop. Constructed of heavy duty steel cable, the locks secure laptop computers to desks and other heavy furniture. Some locks open with keys, while others open with a combination dial. Equip your laptop with a Kensington combination lock to prevent unwanted persons from taking it. To use a Kensington combination lock, your laptop must have a Kensington security slot.

Insert the end of the cable with the combination mechanism into a hole on the desk. Hold the opposite end of the cable in your hand. Pull the end of the cable with the combination mechanism through the hole, wrap it around the desk and insert the combination mechanism into the loop on the opposite end of the cable. If there are no holes on the desk, wrap the cable around a sturdy leg or another portion of the desk close to the laptop.

Insert the combination mechanism into the Kensington security slot on the laptop.

Turn the combination mechanism 90 degrees to the left until a yellow window is visible.

Press and hold the scramble button, which is the button on the combination mechanism farthest away from the laptop.

Move the dials on the combination mechanism until your combination is registered. If you have not yet set a combination, the factory default combination is "0000."

Insert the reset tool into the combination mechanism. The reset tool is U-shaped and located on the cable.

Turn the reset tool clockwise 60 degrees until it is aligned with the black bar on the combination lock to reset the combination.

Set a new combination by turning the dials to the desired combination.

Turn the reset tool counterclockwise 60 degrees back to its original position.

Remove the reset tool to set the new combination.

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