How to decorate pews

Updated April 17, 2017

Your ceremony venue is beautiful but you want to add your own personal touch. Decorating the pews can help create a cohesive theme between your ceremony and reception venue. However, the method of decorating the church pews at your ceremony venue will vary by location. Some churches do not allow candles to be used or forbid certain hangers that will mark the pews. Talk to the church's officiant before making any decorating decisions. You can choose between decorating pews by using pew clips, bows, or using floor-standing decorations.

Hang the pew clips over the top of each pew. Non-marking pew clips will have a small cushion where the clip sits against the pew. Choose plastic instead of metal clips, as metal can scrape wooden pews.

Attach holders or baskets to the hook on each pew holder. You can purchase the pew clip with a holder already attached if you know that it will work for what you want. If you purchase the items separately, choose a lightweight plastic basket or cone.

Fill the holder with flowers. If you are using fresh flowers, use water tubes to securely hold water, preventing water from spilling out onto the church floor, as well as keeping your flowers fresh throughout the day. Water tubes can be purchased from your florist or from a craft store.

Cut a length of organza ribbon. The length will vary depending on the width of the pew you need to tie the ribbon. You will need a piece of ribbon that is long enough to tie in a bow around the end of the pew with bow tails that hang almost to the floor.

Place the length of ribbon around the backside of the end of the pew. With one end of the ribbon in each hand, pull tightly towards you. Tie the ribbon in a simple knot and pull tightly toward you again. Create a loop in each hand, wrap the right loop over the left loop, and pull the right loop under the left through the hole you have created. Pull tightly to create a simple bow, similar to how you tie your shoes. More elaborate bows can be created if you have the knowledge or time to learn.

Adjust the bow so the loops are not bunched or twisted. Adjust the tails so that they lie flat against the side of the pew. If the tails appear to be too long, trim the ends to prevent your guests and bridal party from tripping over the ribbon as they walk down the aisle.

Place your floor-standing flower pot or candlestick holder in-front of the pew, next to the aisle. If your venue is worried about marks on the floor, place a piece of fabric or a small mat under your floor stand.

Fill the flower pots full of flowers. Use floral foam soaked in water to keep your flowers fresh throughout the day. If you are using foam and fresh flowers, make sure your container does not have any holes in the bottom that will cause water to leak onto the church floor. Or, insert candles into the candlestick holders. Choose non-dripping candles to prevent wax from marking the floors, or if you cannot find those make sure your candlestick holders have a large basin under the holder to catch falling wax. You also have to be cautious when using an open flame; enclosed candle holders are safer to use as well as preventing wax from damaging the church.

Decorate the holders or candlesticks with additional flowers or ribbons. Tie a ribbon bow around the container or candlestick. Glue flowers to the candlestick away from the flames.

Things You'll Need

  • Pew clips
  • Holders
  • Water tubes
  • Organza ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Flower pot
  • Candlestick holder
  • Fabric squares or small mats
  • Glue
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