How to Read the iFit SD Card With the Computer

Updated February 16, 2017

Using exercise equipment is an ideal way to tone your body and lose weight. With an iFit SD card, it is possible to download custom workouts for exercise equipment, such as elliptical machines, bikes and treadmills. To use a card, however, it must first be connected to and read by a computer. After this, the downloaded workout file is ready to be placed on the card via a quick copying process.

Insert the iFit SD card into an SD card reader on your computer. If your computer does not have a card reader, insert the iFit card into an adaptor, then connect the adaptor to a USB port.

Click "Start," then "Computer." Locate the "iFit" card icon. Double-click it to read the card and see the files on it.

Add downloaded workout programs to the card, if desired. Download an iFit workout (see Resources), then double-click the file to see the "iFit" folder.

Click the "iFit" folder and drag it into the iFit card folder. Wait for the workout file to finish transferring before removing the SD card from the computer.


Do not try to place iFit files on an SDHC card; this is not a compatible card type.

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