How to modify a cbr 1000f exhaust

Updated February 21, 2017

The CBR 1000F was made from 1987 to 1997. It was a high performance sport-touring bike that was known for its quality and reliability. It featured a 4-into-2 exhaust system, which means that 4 exhaust pipes came from the engine and were attached to to 2 exhaust mufflers, or silencers as they were also called, on each side of the bike. These systems were tuned for the engine, and unless the entire exhaust system was replaced, there is really only one type of modification that can be successfully done.

Locate a slip on muffler-silencer for your CBR 1000F motorcycle. There are many famous exhaust manufacturers that manufacture them as an aftermarket part. They can be found at motorcycle dealers and parts stores, or they are available online.

Remove the old mufflers from your CBR 1000F. They will be held onto the exhaust pipes with clamps that can be loosened with a wrench. They will also be held on by supporting brackets attached directly to the side of the bike. Slide them off once the clamps and brackets have been removed. For the best tuning and symmetry, they both need to be replaced.

Prepare the exhaust pipes by coating the ends with a high temperature sealant. The sealant will either come with the mufflers-silencers, or it can be purchased at any motorcycle parts store.

Slip on the new mufflers. Tighten them down on the exhaust pipe with the included clamps, and attach them to the support brackets. Use a wrench and tighten the clamps and support hardware firmly.

Things You'll Need

  • Wrench
  • Slip-on muffler/silencer
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