LG 32'' 1080P TV Remote Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

LG 32" 1080p televisions come with a remote control to operate the set at a distance. Television remote controls have many buttons that may seem confusing at first. With use, you should find that the remote control system becomes intuitive. The remote controls supplied with LG 32" 1080p televisions are similar from model to model, though some differences in labelling exist. You may also find that your remote control does not have all of the buttons mentioned in this article.

Press the power button, which is located in the top-left corner of the remote control and has a circle with a vertical line through it, to power your LG 32" 1080p television on and off.

Push the button labelled "Energy Saving" to access the "Energy Saving" menu, which allows you to make adjustments to the television so that you can conserve electricity.

Press the "AV Mode," "Input" and "TV/RAD" buttons to make changes to the screen and the video and audio input devices. The "AV Mode" button allows you to switch between preset settings that optimises the screen for the type of programming you are watching. For example, if you are watching a sports broadcast you can press the "AV Mode" button until the "Sports" setting is displayed. The "Input" button allows you to switch between your various video sources, such as a DVD player or satellite receiver. "TV/RAD" switches between radio, TV and DTV input.

Push the numeric keypad buttons to switch between channels. You can also change channels by pressing the "P" up or down arrow buttons.

Press "List" to show your list of saved channels and press "Q.View" or "Flashbk" to return to the previous channel you were watching.

Push the volume button "+" or "-" buttons to adjust the volume of the television. The volume button has the symbol of a right triangle on it. You can immediately cut the volume by pressing the "Mute" button.

Press the "FAV" button to switch to your saved favourite channel.

Push the "Ratio" button to change the aspect ratio of the television.

Press "Menu" to access the television's main menu or "Q.Menu" to access your saved menu that you use frequently.

Push "Guide" to display information about the television program you're currently watching, if your satellite or cable provider supports this feature.

Press the arrow buttons to navigate through menus and highlight the menu options you want to select. You can select a highlighted item by pressing the "OK" button.

Push the "Back" button to go to the previous menu screen and "Exit" to exit the menu and return to watching television.

Press "Info" to show information on your current television station and some settings information.

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