How to Hammer a Fence

Updated November 21, 2016

The construction of a fence requires that a variety of fence materials be attached to fence posts. Barbed wire, metal mesh, wood panels and wood rails are all commonly attached to wooden posts to make a fence. A hammer is used to drive nails and U-shaped staples through wood or around wire to secure fence materials to a wood fence post. The type of fence material will dictate the size and use of nails or staples.

Put on safety glasses to protect eyes. Hold a hammer with a firm but comfortable grip. Position the hand toward the end of the hammer handle away from the hammer head.

Hold an assembled wooded fence panel against the wood post to which it will be attached. Choose 18d or 20d size nails to drive through the panel and into the wooden post. Hold the nail with a pair of pliers, if desired, to start the nail and then drive it through the panel and into the fence.

Place the end of a split rail into the hole in the side of a wood split rail post. Drive an 18d or 20d nail into the rail at an angle. Drive the nail down through the rail and into the post to hold it in place.

Place a board between two installed wood posts. Secure the board to the post in the desired location with a 10d or 12d nail. Drive at least two nails into both ends of the lumber.

Attach barbed wire to a wooden post with a staple. Place the barbed wire in the desired position on the post. Place a U-shaped staple over the wire and tap it to initially hold it in place on the post. Drive the staple into the post securely until the bend of the staple contacts the wire.

Attach metal mesh fence to a wood post with U-shaped staples. Drive a staple around the fence wire at the top and bottom of the fence to hold it in place. Drive two more staples spaced evenly up the post to hold the wire fence in place.

Things You'll Need

  • Installed wood fence post
  • Safety glasses
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Staples
  • Pliers
  • Assembled wood panels
  • Wood rails
  • Board lumber
  • Barbed wire
  • Metal mesh fence
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