How to change marker colours in Google Maps

Written by erin mcmanaway | 13/05/2017
How to change marker colours in Google Maps
Like real maps, Google Maps indicate locations using coloured pushpin markers. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

The Google Maps application allows you to create your own custom maps of the Earth. When creating your map, you place pushpin markers on the map to indicate locations. By default, all markers are the same colour. However, you may want to change the colour of the marker to highlight a specific location or organise locations by marker colour. Google Maps lets you change a map marker's colour and style after you place it on the map.

Log into your Google Maps account.

Click the "My Maps" option from the menu in the left frame.

Click the name of the map that you want to edit. It will load in the frame on the right.

Click the marker on the map that you would like to change. Google Maps will highlight the marker information in the left frame.

Click the "Edit" button in the left frame. An editing box will appear over the marker in the right frame.

Click the marker image that appears in the editing box. Google Maps will now display a list of marker styles and colours.

Click on the new marker style that you would like to use for that map location.

Click "OK" in the editing box. The marker will now change to the new colour marker that you selected.

Click "Done" in the left frame to save the changes to your map.


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