How to Word Charity Donation Invitations

Organising a fundraiser involves many details to ensure a successful event. After you plan the activities to attract contributors, think about crafting the invitations. Word charity donation invitations with energetic prose and phrasing that will get people excited about contributing to your cause. With attention to all facets of a fundraiser, your event can be a successful endeavour that will benefit an important cause.

Place the name of the charity and fundraising event at the top of the invitation. For example, begin a fundraiser invitation for a charity dinner with "Spring Gala Dinner and Dance to benefit the Parktown Children's Hospital."

Note the entity that hosts the fundraiser and state the formal invitation on the next lines. For example, say, "The Smithson Association cordially invites you to attend the annual Spring Gala Dinner and Dance evening."

Add the date, time and location on the next lines. For example, word this information with "Friday, May 15; cocktails 6:00 p.m., dinner 7:00 p.m. and dance 8:00 p.m. to midnight; The Mountain Hotel Ballroom; Chicago, Illinois."

Include attire details at the bottom of the invitation. For example, state "Black tie attire."


If you plan to include any additional fundraising activities that will occur during the event, give details at the end of the invitation. For example, for a silent auction, write, "Bid in the silent auction for a chance to win a weekend getaway, donated by the Hillside Inn."

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