How to check Gucci serial numbers

Gucci -- the name alone sends shivers down the spines of fashionistas. Gucci built its reputation on the simple, elegant quality of its products. From the hand-stitched seams of Gucci handbags to the sturdy sapphire faces on Gucci watches, no detail is too fine for the company's keen eye. The tradition and quality associated with the Gucci name allows it to set high market prices for its products. Those high prices, then, encourage less-than-scrupulous people to create and hawk counterfeit Gucci products. Fortunately, the company labels many of its products with serial numbers to help ensure their authenticity.

Write down your Gucci product's serial number. The location of the serial number depends on the product. For example, serial numbers are engraved on the back of Gucci watches, while handbags feature a small leather tag stitched inside the cavity of the purse, with model and serial number information stamped in the material.

Contact Gucci. E-mail customer service at you can find more contact information in the Resources section.

Provide the customer service representative with the serial number you found on your Gucci product. The representative will look up the serial number information and let you know if the product is authentic.

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