How to Make a Flick Knife

Updated April 17, 2017

A flick knife is a knife that can automatically open with a flick of the wrist. Such knives, which are also known as switchblades or automatic knives, open when a button, lever or switch on the device's grip is pressed. Although flick knives can be used as weapons, some that contain a safe, non-metal blade are sometimes used as children's toys. Making a toy switch knife can be accomplished using a few common household products.

Gather the items you'll need to make the knife. Take one of the ice cream sticks and use a pair of scissors to cut it into two pieces, with the smaller piece measuring about 3 centimetres shorter than the bigger piece.

Cut notches into the edges of each Popsicle stick segment using a carving knife. On the intact stick, make four notches, one in each corner, a few centimetres deep, about half an inch in from the curved ends of the stick. On the two other stick segments, carve two notches, both slightly left of centre at the top and bottom of the segments.

Carve the longer of the two stick segments so that one end is pointed, like a knife blade, instead of round. Take the two parts of the cut Popsicle stick and attach them to the top of the long stick by aligning the pairs of notches and binding them using small rubber bands. The larger, pointed section of stick goes at the front, with the smaller, round section attached to the other end of the bigger stick beneath it.

Remove the head of the matchstick and insert the remainder between the small portion of the stick and the full-length stick beneath it. The matchstick will act as the fulcrum, or the support on which the blade lever will turn. Pressing on the back end of the fulcrum is what will activate the flick knife's locking mechanism.

While pressing down the small portion of the stick with one hand, use your other hand to turn the blade portion of the knife 180 degrees, until it slides into place under the smaller Popsicle stick part. Release your hand's pressure on the smaller portion, and the blade should lock into place. Test the blade by pressing the fulcrum again while flicking your wrist. This should result in the blade rotating 180 degrees into the open position.

Things You'll Need

  • Carving knife.
  • Two small rubber bands.
  • Wooden matchstick.
  • Two wooden ice cream sticks.
  • Scissors.
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