How do I Configure Mms Settings on the Motorola Razr?

Updated February 16, 2017

Many cell phones, such as the Motorola RAZR, have the ability to send pictures, video and audio clips. When sent through the phone, this is called Multimedia Messaging Service, also known as MMS. Before using the MMS service on your cell phone, you need to configure its settings. The settings are slightly different depending upon your phone service provider, but the overall process for set-up remains the same.

Flip open the Motorola RAZR, and press the "Menu" key.

Scroll down and press the right soft key to select "Messaging." Press "Menu," then select "Inbox Setup."

Highlight and select "MMS Message Setup." Scroll down and select "Server Info." Select the server with your phone carrier's name on it, such as "T-Mobile" or "Sprint." If there is no server listed, press "Menu," then select "New Entry" and enter a name for the new server.

Scroll down and choose "Edit." Three parameters are listed: "Service Name," "Server Name" and "Web Session Name." All three should be filled in with information by your service provider. If the "Server Name" field is blank, contact your provider for the correct name.

Press "Done" when finished. Make these your default settings by scrolling to them in "MMS Message Setup." Hit "Menu," then "Set as Default."

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