How to Adjust a Nissan Front Bumper

Updated April 17, 2017

The front bumper on a Nissan can become crooked or have uneven gaps along the edges. This can be caused by replacing the front bumper or from removing and installing it after repairs are made. Once installed, the bumper may have uneven gaps between each of the surrounding body panels, grill and headlights. Nissan bumpers have some room for making adjustments that can correct these gaps and uneven spaces. Adjusting a Nissan front bumper should take less than thirty minutes.

Check the spacing and gaps along the edges of the bumper on both sides and along the top of the bumper. See which edge has the largest gap and which is too close to the other panels on the Nissan and take note of which way the bumper needs to be adjusted.

Remove the Phillips screws from the rear edge of the front bumper, just in front of the front tires. Pull the plastic inner fender lining out of the way so you can reach the inside of the back of the front bumper.

Reach behind the front bumper and loosen the bolts along the seam where the top of the front bumper meets the front fender, near the headlight. Don't remove the bolts, just loosen them several turns with a ratchet and socket. Do this for both sides of the bumper.

Open the bonnet and loosen the row of bolts along the top of the bumper. Don't remove the bolts, just loosen them several turns with the ratchet.

Step back and look at the bumper to decide which way it needs to be moved so that all gaps and seams are evenly spaced. Move the bumper in the direction it needs to go. Once the bumper looks evenly spaced on all sides, tighten the bolts along the top, just under the bonnet, to hold it in place.

Tighten all loose bolts and replace and tighten any screws that were removed from the bumper.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Ratchet
  • Socket set
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