How to Use an Adjustable Spanner Correctly

Updated July 18, 2017

Commonly referred to as the adjustable wrench, the adjustable spanner can adapt to numerous sizes of nuts and bolts. The adjustable spanner aids in home repairs, as well as routine vehicle maintenance. While the adjustable spanner offers increased benefits, it features a bulkier design than the non-adjustable spanner. According to the Reluctant Mechanic, top-rated adjustable spanners feature a gauge that allows you to measure the size of the nut or bolt. The head of the spanner features a small spiral of metal that enables you to adjust the jaws.

Place the head of the adjustable spanner adjacent to the nut or bolt. Rotate the spiral of metal with your thumb, to adjust the width of the jaws. Align the jaws of the spanner around the nut or bolt.

Adjust the spanner, if necessary, to ensure the jaws fit snugly against the nut or bolt. Examine the jaws to guarantee they make contact with at least three sides of the nut or bolt. Rotate the spanner handle counterclockwise to loosen the nut or bolt.

Turn the spanner handle clockwise to tighten the nut or bolt. Re-tighten the jaws of the spanner after each handle rotation.

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