Canon Pixma iP4300 Troubleshooting

Updated April 17, 2017

The Canon Pixma iP4300 printer is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Mac OS X operating systems and uses five colour ink cartridges to produce documents and photos of various sizes. The printer's resolution ranges from 600 by 600 dots-per-inch (dpi) when using black ink and 9600 by 2400 dpi for coloured inks. The unit takes about two seconds per page to print documents and photos with black ink and about 2 1/2 seconds per page to produce pages with coloured inks. There are ways to troubleshoot your printer if it is not functioning properly.

Access the Printer Connection Screen; click "cancel." Click "start over" on the Installation Failure screen.

Click "back" and then "exit" on the Welcome screen. Remove the CD ROM and turn off the printer.

Restart the computer; be sure that no application or antivirus software is running. Refer to the instructions to reinstall the printer driver.

Access your computer's operating system information and install the latest updates.

Check the USB port connections on the printer and computer. The port must support a 2.0 high-speed connection. Canon suggests using a cable that is 10 feet or shorter. If the USB port supports less than 2.0 speed (like 1.1, for example), the printer will operate more slowly.

Restart the computer.

Check the ink tanks; they may be running low or empty. When the ink-indicator light is slowly flashing red, the ink level is low. If the light is blinking rapidly or not at all, then the ink tank is empty.

Replace the ink tank; unsnap and remove the cartridge.

Place the new ink cartridge in the printer and be sure that the ink tanks are in the correct order; Black (8), Black (5), Yellow (8), Magenta (8) and Cyan (8).

Turn on the printer and remove the paper. Open the Paper Output tray and pull out the extension.

Select the paper source to clean the rollers; press the paper feed switch. Press the Resume/Cancel button and hold it down until the power light flashes green. The paper rollers will turn as they are cleaning. Repeat this step two times.

Load several sheets of paper into the printer and hold down the Resume/Cancel button until the light flashes green. The paper cleans the rollers as it moves through them. Repeat this step three times.


The troubleshooting section in the user's guide covers a variety of possible problems. Canon offers technical support through its website (see Resources) and by telephone at 800-828-4040. When contacting the company, you will need to know the printer's serial number (inside the unit), the model number (on top), the set-up CD ROM number (located on the disk) and the purchase date. Instructions may depend on whether you're using a Windows-based or Macintosh computer. The Canon iP4300 printer uses these ink tanks: Black (CLI-8BK and PGI-5BK), yellow (CLI-8Y), Magenta (CLI-8K) and Cyan (CLI-8C).

Things You'll Need

  • Instruction manual
  • Replacement ink cartridges
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