Moss Removal From Roof Tiles

Updated February 21, 2017

Roofing tiles require regular maintenance if you want them to look their best and to continue protecting against leaks. Roofing tiles can also accumulate mould and other growth, which will negatively affect their overall appearance. Moss will grow on the roof if the weather conditions are conducive to it and should be cleaned off regularly before it can get a foothold and become more resistant to removal. Removing moss from roofing tiles requires some basic cleaning materials.

Wear shoes or boots with good traction to prevent any falling injuries while on the roof. A helmet is also a good idea.

Start at the top of your roof with a scrub brush attached to a dowel rod. Scrape the brush against the moss in a downward angle to tear its root system out from under the roofing tiles. Avoid going upwards with the brush because you'll more likely to tear up the tiles.

Work your way carefully down the slope of the roof, scraping the moss off until you reach the edge.

Spray the roof with a fungicide and moss killer to kill any remaining roots while also preventing any new moss from growing.


Installing a long strip of copper under the top row of roof tiles will help prevent further moss growth as well. The copper will run down the roof when it rains and copper is a moss preventive.

Things You'll Need

  • Work boots or shoes
  • Helmet
  • Scrub brush on a dowel handle
  • Fungicide and moss remover
  • Sprayer
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