How to mount a flat screen TV on a chimney

Updated February 21, 2017

Flat screen TVs offer you two options for display. You can place it on a stand that is made for it and has a bracket to keep it upright, or you can hang it on the wall with the help of a wall mount. It is always best to mount the TV in a location that is convenient for the seating arrangement of the room. If your room has a chimney as its focal point, it is possible to mount the flat screen on the chimney.

Lean the television up against a wall with its back facing you. You want the TV standing up, not lying down. Placing it face down can damage it.

Look for and pop out the tabs of the mounting holes in the back of the TV.

Separate the wall mount into its two parts. Connect the TV portion to the back of the TV by hooking into the mounts in the mounting holes and tightening it in place.

Slip the wall portion of the mount onto the TV portion and determine the distance from the bottom of the television to the bottom of the mount. Write down the distance. Remove the wall mount portion.

Place the television up to the chimney with the help of another person. Have someone look at it and decide when you have adjusted it to the right height. Mark on the chimney where the bottom of the television is. Set the TV back down.

Use a measuring tape to find the centre of the chimney.

Measure up from the mark you made on the chimney for the bottom of the TV. Use the measurement that you took in step 4. Mark the measurement from step 4 on the chimney. This is where the bottom of the wall mount portion should be when it is attached.

Place the wall portion of the mount up against the chimney so the bottom of it rests on the mark you made for it in step 7. Try to centre it as best as you can visually, based on the centre mark you made in step 5.

Place masonry screws in the bracket holes and drill them into the chimney. After you drill in one screw, adjust the mount to level it, and then drill in the rest of them.

Lift the television up and slide the TV mount onto the wall mount portion. Determine the centre of the television. Slide the TV centre to line up with the centre of the chimney. Use the mark that you made in step 5.

Tighten down the bracket knobs that keep the TV mount from sliding after it is put in place.

Run cables up the side of the chimney and to the back of the television. You can secure the cable in nice straight lines with cable clips that you screw into the chimney.


Be sure to select a mount that is built to hold the weight of your TV.

Things You'll Need

  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Screw bits
  • Masonry screws
  • Flat screen TV wall mount
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
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