Mounting Hardware for a Heavy Chandelier

Updated February 21, 2017

A heavy chandelier adds a touch of elegance and a source of light to large rooms with high ceilings. Mounting the hardware for a chandelier is a relatively easy process but must be done carefully and properly to prevent injury and property damage from a falling light fixture.

Turn off the electricity to the room you're working in to prevent electrical shock when touching wires.

Remove the old light fixture and pull down the hardware to reveal the electrical box in the ceiling.

Untwist and remove the wiring's twist-on connectors. Test the wiring with an electrical tester to make sure there is no current. Once you verify that there is no current, detach the wiring from the old lighting's hardware to release it.

Using a screwdriver or flat bar, remove the electrical box from the attached hanger bar or plastic fin. If a hanger bar is present, saw it in half, remove it and throw it away.

Spin the bar on the fan brace included with your chandelier to make it as short as possible.

Insert the fan brace through the hole in the ceiling so that its two feet sit on top of the drywall.

Spin the bar on the fan brace again to extend it until you feel it press into the two joists on either side of the ceiling hole. Hand-tighten as much as you can, then use a wrench to turn the bar and tighten it securely without overtightening.

Install the new electrical box that comes with the fan brace: Insert a cable into the cable connector, then thread 6 inches of cable into the box. Tighten the cable box screws to press down on the cable sheathing and hold it in place.

Take the U-bolt that comes with the fan brace and slide it onto the fan brace. Take the support flange that comes with the fan brace and slip it over the bolt threads. Secure the U-bolt with nuts on each end, using a wrench to tighten.

Insert the electrical box into the ceiling hole and use a nut driver to attach it to the U-bolt with two nuts.

Adjust the chandelier's wires and chain so it hangs at your desired height.

Take the light fixture mounting bar included with your chandelier and screw it to the electrical box.

Wrap the copper ground wire in the cable around the large grounding screw on the fixture mounting bar and connect the end of the wire to the grounding wires that come on the mounting bar.

Using a wire stripper, remove ½-inch of sheathing from the chandelier wires.

Pair the cable's white and black wires with the chandelier's white and black wires and connect each pair with a twist-on connector. Gently insert the wires into the electrical box.

Press the chandelier canopy up against the hole in the ceiling. Tightly screw the included retaining collar onto the chain holder located right below the chandelier canopy. You are now ready to use your chandelier.

Things You'll Need

  • Electrical tester
  • Screwdriver
  • Flat bar
  • Close-quarter hacksaw
  • Fan brace
  • Wrench
  • Nut driver
  • Wire stripper
  • Twist-on connectors
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