Midge Worms in Swimming Pool Water

Updated April 07, 2017

While providing enjoyment for your family, a pool also provides an ideal environment for breeding insects. Finding midge worms in your pool water can be disconcerting. These larvae grow up to become the flying nuisance known as midges, an even less appealing prospect. Fortunately, while midges are more difficult to fight than mosquito larvae, employ straightforward ways to rid your pool of midge worms.

Vacuum your pool thoroughly to remove any organic and dead debris, the food preferred by the larvae. Removing their food source prevents recurring infestations.

Add a commercial larvicide to your swimming pool. These products come in several forms. Granulated products are added directly into the water, while "dunks" are floating containers with a solid block of larvicide that disperses over time.

Shock the pool with a chlorine shock product according to package instructions for your pool size. High chlorine levels will eliminate any remaining larvae and neutralise their food supply.

Vacuum the swimming pool again and flush the filter afterward, making sure all larvae are gone.

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