How to Make Your Own Sweater Drying Rack

Updated February 21, 2017

Like many knits, sweaters should be air-dried rather than machine-dried to avoid shrinkage. The problem with many wool sweaters, however, is that line or hanger drying causes them to stretch as the water weight in the thick fibers pulls them down. A sweater rack solves this problem by creating a flat, vented platform for the sweater to lay on, stretched out rather than hanging.

Attach the 4-foot PVC pieces and four elbow t-joint pieces. Make a square frame with the extra joints of the t-square pointing downward.

Attach the short PVC pieces to the bottom portions of the t-joint, forming legs for the square frame.

Place the rubber stoppers on the bottoms of the legs of the frame. This step is optional, but it'll prevent scratching on any floors.

Cut a 4-foot square piece of window screening.

Remove a 5-inch square section from each of the four corners of the window screen piece. Lay the screen over the top of the PVC pipe frame with the removed corner areas over the t-joint corners.

Stretch the window screening tight across the top of the frame and staple it in place. For best results, staple one side to the pipe, then stretch and attach the screening on the other side. Pull it as tight as possible while you staple. Pull both of the other two sides tight while you staple them.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 PVC pipe pieces, 4 feet in length
  • 4 PVC elbow t-squares
  • 4 PVC pipe pieces, 5 inches in length
  • Rubber pipe end caps/covers
  • Window screen
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