How to Disassemble BBS Center Caps

Updated February 21, 2017

BBS centre caps can be a fashionable addition to your wheel hub. The BBS centre fits all six-wheel or hexagon-design wheel centres. If you want to remove and disassemble the centre cap when fixing a wheel or painting the car, you will need a BBS centre cap removal tool. The removal tool is designed to be used with BBS centre caps only.

Purchase a BBS centre cap removal tool from a dealer, auto store or online store.

Insert the tip of a centre cap removal tool into the two grooves on the cap. Lever the cap out of the wheel. Insert the removal tool tip into the second pinhole and rotate the lever to push out the cap. Lever the pinholes firmly, but gently, to preserve the BBS caps. The cap will fall out. Catch the cap so it doesn't get scratched up by falling on the ground.

Disassemble the BBS emblem by removing the circlip that is held in place by three plastic tabs. Push back the lip on the tab and then push down to disassemble the BBS cap.

Use a socket to remove the lug nuts under the centre cap if you need to remove the wheel. Make sure the lug nuts are tightened before installing the BBS centre cap.

Install the replacement BBS cap. Line up the pins inside the cap with the pinholes on the wheel. Press the cap with your hands until it clicks in place. Don't apply too much pressure, as you could break or bend the pins.

Things You'll Need

  • BBS removal tool
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