Leaking Pedestal Sink Drain

Updated February 21, 2017

Pedestal sinks are ideal for small spaces and are aesthetically pleasing. When a pedestal sink drain begins to leak, the problem is typically located in the drain trap, where the most water pressure is run through the plumbing. This can be easily solved with a plastic drain trap. Best of all, the repair takes less than 30 minutes, and your pedestal sink should stop leaking after you've made this simple fix. All you need is a few tools.

Turn off the cold and hot water supply lines below the pedestal sink. Place a towel between the wall and sink pedestal to catch any residual water.

Loosen the drain trap with a plumber's wrench; it will be a U-shaped metal line. Carefully remove the drain trap and keep it in the same upright installed position. Carry it to the shower or bathtub and turn it upside down to drain any water trapped inside. Put it on the bathtub or shower floor.

Replace the metal drain trap with a plastic drain trap by inserting an adaptor into the tail of the plastic drain trap. Next, coat the threads of the drain trap with pipe dope, using the brush supplied in the adhesive can. You can also stretch plumbing tape around the threads of the drain lines on the sink and extruding from the wall.

Fasten the plastic drain trap to the water line, using a plumber's wrench. Tighten it until it's sealed. Let it set for as long as recommended by the tape or adhesive manufacturer. Leave the towels in place until the tape or pipe dope sets, and then run the sink. The leak should now be fixed.

Things You'll Need

  • Plumber's wrench
  • Pipe dope or tape
  • Pipe adaptor
  • Plastic trap
  • Towels
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