How to Customize 59Fifty New Era Fitted Hats

Written by david ferris | 13/05/2017
How to Customize 59Fifty New Era Fitted Hats
Start with plain colours and build from there to customise your hat. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

New Era manufactures baseball caps along with a full line of apparel, including accessories, jackets and polo shirts. The 59 Fifty fitted cap is a popular piece of clothing and is the official hat of Major League Baseball. Sports fans or fashion aficionados can purchase hats with a team's colour and logo, whether to show support for the home team or look good in head-to-toe matching gear. However, you can also customise your own fitted cap for a unique look and personalised style.

Purchase a 59 Fifty cap. White or light colours work well as blank canvases on which to work, but you can purchase the colours or team design of your choice.

Sketch a template or design on paper. Choose whether you want to customise the hat with colours, patterns, logos (self-designed or pre-existing) or other visual details. Use pencil or ink to generate the template on paper so you have something to work from as you apply the ideas to the hat itself.

Draw the planned design, logo or pattern on the hat with a thin black marker. This will guide your eventual colouring and painting of the hat and prevent errors.

Paint on the hat using fabric paints of your choice. Wait for the paint to dry before proceeding to the next step.

Glue additional details (like glitter or sequins) on the hat, or fasten pins and buttons to the fabric.

You can also purchase the hat from a company that specialises in customisation and embroidery. These companies will perform personalised embroideries and other detailing, like adding rhinestones.

Another option is to embroider the hat yourself. Formulate an embroidery design, select different-coloured threads, place a heavy stabiliser under the design and fabric, and embroider the threads onto the hat. Cut away extra or loose threads with scissors.

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