How to Install Legshield Chrome Trim on a Scooter

Updated March 23, 2017

Replacing or installing a new chrome legshield trim on your scooter involves a bit of work. If the scooter is not already in parts, you will need to remove the headset far enough to be able to get access to the legshield from the top down if the trim is one whole piece. If the trim is in two separate pieces that meet at the top of the legshield, the job is much easier but uses the same approach and tools without removing the headset.

Insert a socket wrench into the headset to loosen the neck securing bolt. Remove the bolt when loose. Use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the securing screws keeping the headset top on the headset frame. Cut the front brake cable with a cable cutter.

Grab the speedometer cable at the bottom of the fork, and push it up into the fork as you lift the headset top off the frame. Reach inside and disconnect the speedometer. Place the headset top back on and lift the entire headset off the front fork. Set it hanging to a side carefully so the wiring and remaining control cables are not pinched or cut.

Remove any remnant of old legshield trim. Use a screwdriver or spade to lever it loose and then pull it off the legshield edge. Take the new chrome one-piece trim and slide it downward onto the legshield edge on both sides. Push downward until the trim slides down the edges until the top curve meets the top of the legshield edge.

Push the trim down onto the top of the legshield edge to cover it as well. Work the entire trim by hand until it is firmly in place along the entire edge of the scooter legshield from one side to the other.

Use a legshield trim tool to crimp the new trim in place so it won't fall off. Alternatively, use two small screws at the end of the trim ends on both sides and screw them into the trim and legshield after drilling a small hole with a power drill. Reattach the headset assembly to the fork carefully, avoiding pinching the wires and cables.

Route a new front brake cable from the front brake handle through the fork and to the front brake lever in the front wheel hub. Secure it to the lever nut with a crescent wrench. Reconnect the speedo cable to the speedometer and pull it back down through the fork while pushing the headset top back in place. Secure the headset top with screws and screwdriver.


If you can find a two-piece assembly, installing new trim is far easier as it doesn't involve having to remove the headset.


Trying to install the one-piece trim without removing the headset out of the way first can be very difficult and will likely result in your damaging or scratching the new chrome trying to get it to fit right.

Things You'll Need

  • Socket wrench and sockets
  • Screwdriver
  • Cable cutter
  • New chrome legshield trim
  • Legshield trim crimping tool
  • Power drill
  • New front brake cable
  • Crescent wrench
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