How to Troubleshoot a Bosch Clothes Washer

Updated November 21, 2016

Bosch washing machines are front-loading and are available in different finishes and sizes. Other available options include reduced energy usage, 15 wash cycles, increased spin speed, sanitary wash option, specific cycles for various fabrics or items, anti-vibration system, quiet motor and a leak sensor system, among others. You can find the Bosch washing machine in select department or appliance stores as well as online and it carries a limited warranty. Troubleshoot minor problems that arise prior to contacting Bosch for help.

Connect the Bosch washing machine to a grounded three-prong outlet if it's not running. Check the household fuse or circuit breaker. Reset or replace circuits or fuses as needed.

Allow the wash cycle to complete if the door will not open, as the door locks automatically during use. Press and hold "Start/Pause" for five seconds to release the child lock if the lock has been set, preventing children and other users from operating the unit.

Push "Start/Pause" if the cycle doesn't begin as expected and the "Start/Pause" indicator light is flashing. The washing machine will not operate if "Start" is not pressed. Shut the door firmly as well.

Press "Menu" until "Time" is shown on the display, if the time display is flashing and other functions will not operate on the control pad. Push "Select" until the correct hour time is shown on the display. Press "Menu" until the minutes flash and then "Select" until the correct minute time is displayed. Push "Menu" to confirm.

Wipe out the detergent drawer with a clean, dry cloth if there's residue left in the dispenser. This indicates that the detergent was wet or clumped during use. Measure out the proper amount of detergent and only use high efficiency detergent.

Turn off the washer and the water faucets and place towels under the hoses if the water level is low. Remove the hose from the back of the washing machine and pull the strainer out of the rear of the washer. Wash the filter under running water and replace in the unit. Reconnect the hose and tighten, making sure the hoses are straight.

Mix 1 tbsp fabric softener with 1 pt. water and pour the mixture directly into the detergent dispenser if there are suds coming out of the detergent drawer. Run a normal wash cycle. Don't place waterproof fabrics in the washing machine during this cycle. Measure out the detergent prior to each use.

Straighten the drain hose and look for possible obstructions if "Suds or Blocked Pump" appears on the display. Reduce the amount of detergent used.

Turn the faucets fully on if "Check Water Tap" shows on the display. Straighten the hoses and reduce other appliance use while the washer is in operation.

Things You'll Need

  • Towels
  • Clean cloths
  • Pliers
  • HE detergent
  • Measuring cup
  • Fabric softener
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