Peltor Headset Wiring

Updated April 17, 2017

Peltor is a company that supplies communications and protective supplies to the military and other industries. Wiring a Peltor headset between device and headset is generally similar from model to model, utilising a 3.5-mm mono plug and a two-pin connector at the earpiece.

Locate the 3.5-mm jack on the connected device.

Plug the 3.5-mm mono plug on the Peltor headset into the corresponding jack on the device.

Slide the two-pin connector into the appropriate jack on the Peltor headset. Push this in firmly to ensure a solid connection.


Some Peltor headsets have a captive 3.5-mm and headphone connection on the earcup. The only connections for these few models are at the connected device. These are used for PTT (push to talk) communications.

Things You'll Need

  • Peltor audio input cable
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