How to take care of your amaryllis plant

Updated April 17, 2017

The amaryllis plant produces large, bright flowers atop long, lanky stems. Many who have the amaryllis plant enjoy caring for them and are often pleased with the results they receive from providing for the plant. According to the Amaryllis Bulb Company website, amaryllis is the easiest bulb plant to care for and does well in both indoor and outdoor environments, as long as adequate care is provided.

Keep your amaryllis bulb in nutritious potting compost. This type of medium will supply the amaryllis with the nutrition it requires to grow and bloom. Pre-made compost is available at most plant stores.

Water the amaryllis when the potting compost feels dry. If you are waiting for stems to appear out of your bulb, water the amaryllis sparingly. As the plant begins to grow, water it more but be cautious of watering too much, as you can drown the roots.

Support the long stems with a pole or stick if they begin to bend. Take care not to injure the bulb when pushing the pole into the dirt. Attach the stem to the pole at the top and bottom of the stem with twine or flower rope.

Keep your amaryllis indoors at room temperature during the colder months. You may place them outdoors--still in their pots--in summer. Be sure to keep them in the shade, because they cannot tolerate exposure to sun.

Cut the old flowers from the amaryllis stem once it has stopped flowering with scissors or a sharp knife. Doing so allows the plant to bloom again in the future. Once the stem starts to sag, cut it all the way down to the bulb.

Cut the leaves to about 2 inches above the bulb, once they start to yellow. Once you have done this, remove the bulb from the soil and keep it in a cool temperature until you want to plant it again. Amaryllis leaves typically being turning in early fall.


Amaryllis plants typically flower for seven to 10 weeks. Larger bulbs produce larger flowers. The planting period for amaryllis flowers is between October and April, depending upon where you live. Amaryllis plants typically bloom from late December to June.

Things You'll Need

  • Potting compost
  • Water
  • Pole or stick
  • Twine or plant rope
  • Scissors
  • Knife
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