How to Make a Homemade RC Airplane

Updated February 21, 2017

Remote controlled aeroplanes are a fascinating hobby that many people enjoy. Pleasure is derived not just from flying, but from building your plane as well. Plane construction requires patience and time as well as a steady hand and access to materials that you can purchase online or at your local craft store. If you are building a remote controlled plane for the first time, ease your way into the hobby with a simple pocket RC plane kit that is easy to assemble and provides the pieces you need.

Remove the fuselage, landing gear, horizontal stabiliser, carbon fibre propeller and wing from the micro remote controlled aeroplane kit box and lay them on a flat surface in front of you.

Attach the wing to the front of the fuselage with the supplied plastic clips. Bend the wing slightly to slide it down and into the clips. Check the alignment of your wing to make sure it is straight. Lay a lightweight, small level on top of the wing to ensure that it is straight.

Attach the horizontal stabiliser to the rear of the fuselage by sliding the front end of the stabiliser onto the rear, thin, protruding end of the fuselage. Slide the front end of the stabiliser into the slot on the plane's rudder which is attached to the fuselage. Friction will hold the pieces together.

Connect the landing gear to the bottom front end of the plane fuselage. Look for the thin metal wire on the landing gear and slip the small loop over and into the plastic landing gear assembly base on the fuselage.

Install the propeller onto the nose of the fuselage. Look for a protruding plastic knob that corresponds to a protruding plastic bucket piece on the inside of the propeller. Use a small brush to spread a small amount of super glue onto the inside of the propeller and firmly, but gently, press the propeller onto the nose of the fuselage. Allow the glue to dry completely and then use the included remote control to begin flying your plane. Enjoy flying your plane and then challenge yourself by moving up to more challenging, and larger plane kits.

Things You'll Need

  • RC pocket plane kit
  • Flat surface
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