How to Beat a Coral Plus Roulette Machine

Updated July 20, 2017

Roulette is a tantalising game and staple of casinos and betting shops all around the world. The temptation to believe that there are systems out there that actually mean you can beat the game on every spin and become rich in a spectacularly short time is very strong, especially if you are at a loss for ideas on how to earn money. The truth is, whether playing a live wheel in a casino or an automated arcade machine or online, the odds are stacked in the casino's favour. However, with a big enough bankroll, this system will demand only time and courage and you are certain to walk out a winner.

Look around the betting shop and decide on a roulette machine that appeals to your superstitions if you have any. Alternatively, try to find either a "loose" machine (ask regular players which these may be), or wait until you notice someone lose a massive amount of money in a machine and play it after they have left. Sometimes when a machine is full of money it will pay out.

Pay credit into the machine of your choice. Make your first bet an outside bet of 60p either on red or black and nothing else. For this example we will be using black. Press the button to spin the wheel.

Place your second bet. If you won your first bet, simply repeat an outside bet of 60p either on red or black. If you lost your first bet then you must repeat your first bet on black doubling your stake. So, your second bet will £1.30 on black. Press the button to spin the wheel.

Make your third bet. If you won your second bet, either by having bet 60p or £1.30, then return to betting 60p either on red or black. If you lost your second bet then you must repeat your second bet on black doubling your stake once more to £2. Press the button to spin the wheel.

Make your fourth bet according to the system you have implemented so far, doubling your stake if you lose and placing the bet on black, or reverting to a 60p bet on either red or black if you win. Press the button to make the wheelspin.

Carry on betting according to the system. The reason why you must start with such a big bankroll is to accommodate the situation where you experience sustained loss. If you keep doubling your stake you will recover all previous loss with a little more on top. Theoretically, your bankroll must be big enough to cope with near-infinite loss until your colour comes up, which statistically it must.


Stop gambling when it ceases to be fun and/or dangerous for your financial situation. Stop gambling when you are ahead.

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