How to Update the Dreambox CCcam

Updated March 23, 2017

CCcam is an applet for use in the Dreambox series of Linux-based satellite television receiver boxes. It allows your Dreambox receiver to access television and radio content from a large variety of sources across the globe. CCcam is a great option for users who live in rural or remote locations, or in areas where the primary television and radio transmissions are broadcast in an unfamiliar language. In order to receive the best possible performance from CCcam, you'll need to keep it regularly updated.

Power on your Dreambox receiver, then switch to any active television channel.

Press the oval-shaped "Panel" button located near the top of the remote control to open the Interface Options menu.

Highlight "Addons" then press "OK" on your Dreambox remote. From the addons menu highlight "Download and Install" and press "OK."

Navigate to the "CCCam X.XX - COMPLETE" heading, where "X.XX" is the most recent revision number, and press "OK" to begin downloading the CCCam update files. Highlight and select "Yes" when a confirmation window appears to begin installing the update files.

Press the red "Exit" button located next to the "Panel" button on your remote control to return to the main "Downloads" menu. Select "Cam-Config" from this menu. Locate the "CCcam Config" file that matches the revision number of your previous download, then press "OK" to begin downloading the configuration files. Select "Yes" then press "OK" when a confirmation window appears to install the configuration files.

Reboot the Dreambox receiver once the configuration files have installed. Remember to repeat steps one through five occasionally to check for new updates.

Things You'll Need

  • Dreambox receiver
  • Active Internet connection
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