How do I Get a Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver to Recognize a TV Remote?

Microsoft eHome infrared tranceivers are attached to the USB port headers of computer towers. They detect infrared signals that are put out by TV remotes the same way that cable boxes and DVD players do. Some TV remotes or DVD remote controls can operate the computer as well as a media centre. Unfortunately, some people have problems with their computers not detecting the USB header that the TV remote's infrared receiver device is hooked up to when their computer's Windows operating system updates. Fortunately this is an easy thing to fix.

Go to the "Control Panel" under the computer's "Start Up" menu. Double-click the "Device Manager" icon. Right click on the "eHome Infrared Tranceiver." Select "Uninstall" to remove the program. Disable the USB driver by clicking on "Safely Remove Hardware" and selecting "Safely Remove USB Drive."

Turn off your computer. Remove the screws located on the back of your computer tower. Put them aside in a safe place. Pop open the side panel of your computer tower. Locate the wires the go from the back of the card reader to the USB header of the motherboard or tuner card. Disconnect the wire from the motherboard or tuner card.

Turn on your computer with the USB header still disconnected. Let Windows fully start up. Turn the computer off. Reconnect the USB header to the motherboard or tuner card. Start your computer. A dialogue box will pop up stating that the computer has detected the USB header hardware and is beginning to install the IR receiver hardware. Restart your computer. The TV remote will now work. Replace the computer tower's side panel and screws.


If the remote is still not working after following these steps, look up the driver software for your particular remote by typing it into your preferred search engine. Download the software and restart your computer to apply the changes. The remote should work after that.

Things You'll Need

  • Small computer screwdriver
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