How to Replace the Plastic Strip on a Shower Door

Updated February 21, 2017

When you take a shower, you want the water to stay in the shower. The plastic strip along the bottom of the shower door is also known as a shower seal or a shower sweep. This strip, which usually is made of vinyl, keeps water from flowing underneath the door and onto the floor and causing a mess or even water damage. Replacing the plastic strip requires removing the sweep assembly, which is a simple process.

Use an electric drill to remove the screws holding the drip rail, the metal piece at the bottom of the shower door. Set the screws aside, and pull the drip rail away from the door.

Slide the old plastic strip out of the drip rail. Slide the new plastic strip into the same groove, and cut off any excess with a utility knife.

Hold the drip rail so the plastic strip points downward, and put it back in place against the shower door. Line up the screw holes in the rail and the door.

Insert the screws back through the holes, and secure them with the electric drill.

Things You'll Need

  • Electric drill
  • Utility knife
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