How to make a garden gate with a pallet

The recycling of wooden pallets for home and garden projects is becoming more and more popular. As landfills increasingly ban them, consumers are finding these sturdy wooden units, handy and ready made, can be used as is or adapted to many garden projects. A gate made with a wooden pallet is a useful addition to your garden, and is very simple to make.

Lay the pallet out on the ground.

Attach the gate hardware hinges to the pallet on one side using the screwdriver. Screw the gate latch onto the pallet on the other side.

Hold the gate up to the fencepost. Position with the bricks, or have your helper hold the gate for you.

Use the level to position the gate. Attach the hinges to the fence post. Swing the gate, and make necessary adjustments. Attach the latch unit to the other fence post.


The pallet can be treated with a water sealer before you begin. You can also paint or stain the gate to complement your garden. Choose hardware that will fit the pallet slats to which you'll be attaching it. Pallets are heavy, so use three hinges if necessary.


Select a pallet that is sturdy and free from splits and breaks.

Things You'll Need

  • A used hardwood pallet, wide enough to fit your fence opening and swing freely
  • Hardware package for gate, heavy weight
  • Screwdriver
  • Bricks or a helper
  • 90 cm (3 foot) level
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