How to match carpet

Updated February 21, 2017

The carpet you choose for a room can make a big difference in the final look and feel of that room. The carpet colour needs to match the other decorative elements in the room so that your entire room decor is complemented. Once you choose a carpet that matches the other elements of the room, such as the upholstery, walls and other decorative pieces, you will have a uniform space that you can be proud of.

Take samples of the wall colour or colours to the carpet store. Find carpeting that either matches the colour or is a shade darker or lighter. If you room's painted a bold or bright colour, consider neutral carpeting that goes with the wall colour. Sand-coloured carpeting, for example, can pair well with steel-blue walls.

Factor in the size of the room. A bright or bold colour may make a small room look more cramped than it is. A light or neutral colour will make the room feel more open. Conversely, a large room can handle the bright, bold and neon colours you might choose for a carpet.

Study swatches of your upholstery or other key elements of your room against the carpet samples. You may want to complement a certain colour in the pattern of your upholstery or in a piece of art. Although matching a carpet with a solid-colour sofa may work, take care to keep the room from having too much of one colour.

Spread out carpet samples in the room, and look at each closely. Hold them up to different elements in the room, including couches and chairs, the walls, paintings and even the woodwork or trim. The colour you choose should harmonise with all the room's elements.

Look at the carpet samples in all the different possible lights. This includes sunlight in the morning, the afternoon and at dusk, as well as at night, when there's nothing but artificial light.

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