How to Attach Flashing Lights to a Landline Phone

Updated February 21, 2017

Some households and businesses that use landline phones might want to add light features to the device, for either personal handicap or functional-aesthetic reasons. A person whose hearing is impaired might need flashing lights to alert them of incoming calls. Other users might want to disable loud and piercing ringers, instead preferring to see alerts when callers dial their number. Whatever, your personal reasons, adding flashing lights to most landline phones is a fairly straightforward and general process.

Unplug the landline telephone's cord from the outlet in the wall. Leave the other end of the cord plugged into the telephone.

Plug the cord into the flashing light adaptor.

Plug the second telephone cord between the adaptor and the wall outlet.

Use your cell phone to make a test call to the landline phone or ask someone else to call the phone's number. Verify that the light turns on upon receiving incoming phone calls.


Many flashing light adaptors use power from the telephone system in the home. However, some adaptors use battery power. If the steps in this article don't not fully match your adaptor, navigate to the manufacturer's website to download and read the manual on how to properly use the device. Alternatively, purchase more a modern corded/cordless landline telephone that has a lighted-keypad and LCD screen.


Make periodic test calls to verify the flashing light bulb or LED has not burnt out or you could miss important phone calls.

Things You'll Need

  • Flashing light adaptor for telephones
  • Second telephone cord (if not included with adaptor)
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