Instructions for a Chicco Mamma High Chair

Without instructions you may not be using the Chicco Mamma Highchair safely. It is important to make sure the high chair is assembled correctly and to follow all safety guidelines set by the manufacturer. This high chair is created by the Italian baby care company, Chicco, which specialises in baby apparel, strollers, high chairs and car seats. It is relatively easy to clean and folds for easy storage.

Attach the legs to the high chair seat. To install the rear legs, press down the locking buttons at the base of the frame and insert the legs into the high chair frame. To install the front legs, again press down the locking buttons at the base of the frame and insert the legs into the chair frame.

Hold the side joints and press the open button while opening the high chair using your foot. You will hear a click letting you know that the legs are locked into position. Hold the top part of the backrest and pull it up until you reach the desired height. There are seven height positions. With your hands, lower the seat and the leg rest. Push the buttons on the rear of the armrests to lock them into place.

Place the vinyl cover on the high chair frame and slide the harness through the appropriate loops. Slide the lap belt into the holes and insert the clips into the buckle. Attach the footrest and turn it until the desired position is reached. Adjust the harness straps. There are two height settings for the straps. Sit your child in the high chair and ensure the straps are at the correct level.

Attach the tray to the high chair. With the armrests down, slide the tray onto the armrests while pressing the release button. Move the tray to the desired location. Make sure the tray is locked into place by listening for a "click" sound. Remove the tray by pressing the button and pulling it outward. The tray can be stored in the rear of the high chair.

Follow the safety instructions. The Chicco Mamma Highchair is intended for children under age 3 and less than 16.8 Kilogram. Children should be able to sit unaided in the high chair and should never be left unattended.


Do not use with children over three years old or 16.8kg.

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