How to Adjust Wayne Dalton Garage Doors

Headquartered in Mt. Hope, Ohio, Wayne Dalton has been manufacturing garage doors since 1954. Wayne Dalton partners with the Genie Company to provide garage door openers for its garage doors. Though the set limits and force controls for the garage door opener are preprogrammed at the factory, you can adjust them if the door has problems opening and closing or if it uses too much or too little force.

Reset the overhead motor unit for your Wayne Dalton garage door before attempting to make adjustments to its programming. Depress and hold both the "Open" and "Close" set buttons on the overhead motor unit until the green indicator light flashes to confirm that the internal memory has been erased.

Make adjustments to your garage door's close travel limit. Depress and hold the "Close Travel Limit" button to cause the belt connector to engage the carriage assembly. Press the "Close Travel Limit" button a second time and hold it down until the bottom of the garage door is pressed firmly against the ground. Press and release the "Close Set" button to let the overhead motor unit know that the door is in the fully closed position.

Adjust the close travel limit for your Wayne Dalton garage door. Depress and hold the "Open Travel Limit" button to move the door into the fully open position. Tap the button repeatedly to raise the door to the fully open position if it stops prematurely. Press and release the "Open Set" button to save the door's fully open position into the overhead motor unit's internal memory.

Adjust your garage door opener to use the least amount of force necessary to close the garage door; this is particularly important if you have pets or small children. Locate the "Down Force Control" on the overhead motor unit; turn the control to the left to decrease the force used or to the right to increase it.

Turn your attention to the adjacent "Up Force Control." Rotate the control to the left to use less force or to the right to use more force to open the door. Set the garage door opener to use as little force as necessary to get the door to open without stopping.


Keep an eye on the green indicator light when setting the open and close travel limits for your garage door; the light will flash to confirm that the limit has been set successfully.


Garage door adjustment instructions may vary slightly by model. Contact the Genie Company for model-specific adjustment advice.

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